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Best Handbags Accessories Supplier and The Most Fashionable Designs with Quality Materials

We are a factory company for Handbags accessories Manufacturer, located in Guangzhou China. We have many years experience in producing various accessories for Metal Accessories. Our factory can produce various kinds of accessories and we also welcome Original Product order. All the products we produce is to meet quality standards and be environmentally friendly.

We offer a wide range of Belt Buckle Manufacturer and Hand bag Accessories with competitive price. You can inspect all of them on this page. Furthermore, if you have any specific requirements, VIP And distributor & customers could choose their favorite patterns from designs we have available and leave a note to us after placing orders. We will make specially for you the bags Handle Fitting accessories exactly the way you want.

The Handbags & Accessories supplier is a leading manufacturer of handbags and accessories including handbag organizer, cosmetic bags, leather bags, travel accessories, wallets Bags and more. Made of quality materials our products used in variety handbags and accessories. We also specialize in Original Product manufacturing production of handbags and accessories.

Metal rings are an intriguing  piece, often used to symbolize a commitment. Bronze and copper metal rings can be seen in various shapes and sizes across the world. However, the most common design is a thick band with a decorative edge or pattern. This design has been popularized by the movie Titanic and has since become very popular for engagements and marriage ceremonies.

Zipper pullers are tools that allow you to get a grip on the zipper and assist in pulling it up or down. They come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. Zipper pullers can be used with any kind of zipper Puller and Rivets from Accessories. The most common material used for a zipper puller.

Handbags Accessories Productions good quality product and affordable price

We are an experienced factory specializing in the production of all kinds of bags and accessories. We welcome both original equipment manufacturer and original design manufacturing orders. All our products are guaranteed against faulty workmanship or material. Quality is the first priority, which means that we pay much attention to every detail in the production process so that customers could receive top quality products at Accessories for handbags competitive prices.

Handbags, wallets, chain, belts , wallets, more from china

We supply all kinds of bags and handbags accessories such as Chain , zipper, snap hook and dog hook, Metal buckles, Metal label, Metal zipper puller, metal rings, metal snap hook, metal locks, bar corner fitting metal rivet, metal eyelets, metal chains, metal frames, loop fitting metal chains hardware & buckles. We also supply clothing accessories such as snap buttons, buckles, hook and many other accessories for D-Rings and O-Rings such as Metal Rings etc.. Many top Ecometaltrims brand clothes and bags Homemade making company  but also from other countries such as: All world wide have already used our products.

The wristlate bracelet Fitting is a new design that is being promoted as the first ever bracelet to be designed specifically for the wrist. The sleek, curved shape of the bracelet is meant to look good on both your wrists, so it can be worn on either side. The band of the wristlate bracelet fits comfortably on the inside of your wrist, so you will never have to worry about it catching or scratching you.

Metal Production With Made in China Products

Ecometaltrims METAL is a leading Luxury hardware manufacturer and supplier in China, export factory, Specialize in manufacture luxury bag metal accessories & shoes buckles with superior quality and custom service.“Luxury quality, prestige” are our concepts and principlesa and production from china and Manufacturer,Luxury Bag metal fittings,Custom Metal Buckle,Metal Snaphook,Metal Lable for handbags shoes and leather goods China Manufacturers, China Suppliers also

Zipper puller accessories

We are leading Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters in the industry.

We are the professional manufacturer specializing in bags accessories over 10 years, located in Guangzhou City, China. Main products are Hand Bags Accessories Zipper Pulls, Square frame , Snap Hooks, , Bag Chains ,Belt adjuster, Zip puller, zipper, Metal rings, Metal logo and Toogle Latches , Bag Accessories, Eyelet and so on. Also we can help to design new items according to your requirements. We will definitely meet your requirements with excellent quality and best services.

We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, offering you customized handbags accessories. We also offer original equipment And Handmade manufacturer service with excellent design and fast delivery service. We provided quality products made from China !

No matter what kind of product you are looking for, we are sure you’ll find it here. We carry hundreds of products including Accessories, handbags hanger, decorative-items, … Our company is dedicated to providing our customers with top quality Products at reasonable prices. Decorative items Fitting to adorn your handbags, purses, and all the other bags that you own are becoming increasingly more popular. Whether it’s a luxurious feather or a design of choice, these accessories add personality and character to the bags that we carry.


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Ecometaltrims Best Selling Products

bag buckle accessories
       Bag Buckle
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    Bag chain
D- rings & O-rings
D- rings & O-rings
belt adjuster manufacturer
     Belt Adjuster
zip puller manufacturer
      Zip Puller
zipper manufacturer
toggle tatches manufacturer
   Toggle Latches
good quality belt buckle
     Belt Buckles
metal rings manufacturer
      Metal Ring
snap hook accessories
        Snap Hooks
Eyelet Grommets manufacturer
  Eyelet Grommets
name badges manufacturer

Quality Products With Handmade

Ecometaltrims Product design basing on your idea, sketches and your logo, the perfect designs will be done until you satisfy. Our designers would love to design all bag hardware of the whole bag. Ecometaltrims Prototype making After you approve the designs, the plastic molds will be done by 3D printed firstly, if you don't satisfy, we can also change it until you approve. And then the physical prototypes will be done.
Belt Adjuster accessories

Bags accessories | bags accessories wholesale | bags accessories made in china.

bags Lock accessories is the platform that provide you with high quality products. You can get any products within some mins and we guarantee that you will get thousands of products to choose from. When it comes to customer service, we provide excellent support 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

With bags Locks accessories, you are guaranteed to get the highest quality of products at the Best prices! We offer World wide Fast shipping for orders  all of our competitors. bags accessories is an importer and distributor of high quality products including and many more! Our services  provide the best customer service to all of Deals and customers.

Bags chain Accessories Ecometaltrims High quality product Manufacturer sought to develop standard material. They strive to become an “international standard” Packaging manufacturer, which is the best available. They defined their Packaging Concepts, and originally designed Packaging Concepts that are made of the best raw materials possible. Then, we developed a durable plastic container and paper siding. Since we supplied only standardized materials

Bags Accessories Ecometaltrims High quality product Manufacturer specializes in custom designs, high-quality products, and best Quality silder and dumbell design to bring the best products for customer satisfaction. Metal Logo High-quality products like our .The products are further refined through a wide range of processes, including production of Metals Accessories for bags , and more Gusstes from our designing and packaging planning & design.

Decorative shoes are a great way to make your outfit pop. The hottest trend is for shoes with a strap across the top. This detail can be seen on many high-end designer brands, but it’s also possible to find more affordable versions that still have the same effect. There are many types of shoes that have a decorative Shoe Fitting strap across the toes or heel, but finding a heel that matches the color of your outfit is a good way to keep things looking uniform and balanced. Decorative shoes hooks are a great way to add a little bit of color and design to your home. They can be hung on a wall or underneath a table to organize cluttered shoes. These Shoes hooks come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. The hook is made of plastic and will hold up to with no problem. One of the most popular designs is the hook that looks like it has two shelves where you can place your shoes Buckles.

Products We Offer

Products We Offer

Products We Offer

Belt Buckle - buckle belt Manufacturer with Good price

The Belt Buckle  dedicated to creating the most stylish and durable belts in the world. We pride ourselves on quality and attention to detail, buckling down to create products that are made to last. In doing so, we have created a unique aesthetic that will have people think twice about how they accessorize their look.

The belt Buckle was created to simplify the joining of dress belts with metal buckles. With a stylish look and unyielding support, buckle belt combines durability and fashion for a timeless accessory that fits all men’s dress belts  and bags. It is designed to stay looking great for years to come.

The buckle belt is a simple and elegant design that is best worn with fashion and comfort in mind. Designed with durable brass utility belt buckles and canvas webbing, it can be dressed up or down depending on your outfit of the day. Additional “Bag Buckle” are available if you want to switch up the look of your buckle at any time.

Ecometaltrims based in Guangzhou China, We deal in all kinds of leather accessories products like Locks, rivets, magnet, rings, nylon net, lining, zipper, slider, puller, dog-hook, belt buckle etc.

Metal Edge Trim Manufacturers, Suppliers, Factories & Shoe buckle

Ecometaltrims for high quality and durable metal edge trim and Decorative Metal trims We’ve got your back! Metal edge trim is one of the most commonly used material in decorations accessories and renovation projects.

Metal Edge Trim Manufacturers, Suppliers, Factories, Metal Edge Trim suppliers & factories, Metal Edge Trim traders, Metal Edge Trim exporters, Metal Edge Trim wholesalers, Metal Edge Trim distributors in Word wide. Metal edge trim is used to finish and protect the top and bottom of a picture frame.

Metal edge trim is made of stainless steel. The best model is the wallet and accessories. These items will be appropriate for each person who purchases the wallet and accessories. In this paper, we have explained about the product Decorative Items and the nature of this product.

The shoe buckle manufacturer is a company that creates different types of shoe buckles for various types of shoes. Their products are made to be both durable and beautiful. They offer many designs, patterns, and styles to suit any customer. Their products are made in the China with quality materials and craftsmanship. 

The shoe buckle has been around for centuries and is one of the most essential parts of a shoe. They come in many shapes and sizes, with different types of fasteners to match the wearer’s needs. For instance, some buckles are made with belt loops that can be threaded through a belt or attached to a pocket. Some people may not know that there are thousands of manufacturers of this small part of their footwear. But what about those who do know?

High Polish Metal Fittings for Leather Bags

We have a registered company in HongKong and in Guangzhou China, We're in this business from last 15 years.



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